Legal Services

The Legal Services Department provides legal advice to each department of NIDCO in the performance of various business functions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide legal advice, analysis and problem solving methodology to specific business-related issues affecting the operations, business and obligations of the Company.
  • Prepare, negotiate and review all contracts issued by the Company related to its infrastructural development programme, including projects, works and consultancies.
  • Liaise with the Company’s external attorneys.
  • Interpret relevant legislation for the conduct of the Company’s statutory functions.
  • Monitor the effect of new legislation on operations and business related to the Company.
  • Manage negotiations and settlement of any claims or litigation against the Company.
  • Initiate legal action on behalf of the Company.
  • Represent the Company in legal proceedings.
  • Prepare opinions and specialized contracts.
  • Ensure compliance with the Company’s Tender Rules and Procedures.