Future Projects



Cabinet authorized four other highway projects to be done using the DFC model, namely:

1.     Princes Town to Moruga:Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for Improved Road Connection
  • Undertake a feasibility study for a road connection from Princes Town to Moruga on the south coast of Trinidad. On confirmation of route and connections, undertake sufficient preliminary design to be able to determine the ROW and agree remediation measures for major utilities, and define land acquisition requirements.
  • Take into consideration how this project would link to the proposed new route from San Fernando to Princes Town.
2.     Dualling of the Rivulet Road from the Couva Interchange to the Couva Roundabout, Southern Main Road
  • To upgrade and realign the existing 2-lane road to a 4-lane facility, and to improve the connection from Couva/California to the Solomon Hochoy Highway.
  • Prepare a concept design which retains the existing ROW as much as possible, consistent with a design speed of 80 km/hr. The highway is to be designed using AASHTO guidelines.
3.     An Alternative Access Route from Port of Spain to Chaguaramas
  • To provide improved traffic access to the Port of Spain city centre from the west, to cater for large traffic flows arising from special events held in the Chaguaramas area, and to allow for additional traffic due to possible large developments at Chaguaramas.
  • Prepare a feasibility study with preliminary designs, and utilizing a staged implementation process if deemed appropriate.

4.      Extension of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway from Wallerfield to Sangre Grande

  • To extend the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (CRHE) from its termination at Wallerfield through Cumoto to the Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande consistent with an ultimate bypass of the town.
  • Highway is to be designed to freeway standard (AASHTO guidelines) and be compatible with the proposed extension from Sangre Grande to Manzanilla.
  • The project comprises the construction of a new 4-lane freeway over a length of approximately 12 km. The project comprises the construction of new eastbound and westbound two lane carriageways 7.3 m wide, with 3.0 m outer shoulders and 2.0 m inner shoulders and a raised concrete median of 3.0 m wide over the entire length. There major interchanges at CRH/Cumuto, Cumuto Junction and Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande. The main highway construction will be done through virgin territory whilst the interchanges will be done at existing accesses.

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