The Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension To Point Fortin (SHHEPF)

The Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension to Point Fortin Project (SHHEPF) was initially conceived as the construction of a highway built to international freeway standards comprising of several [...]

Churchill Roosevelt Highway Extension To Manzanilla Project (CRHEM)

This project entails construction of a new highway from the intersection of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway/ Cumuto Road to Manzanilla. Following the favourable ruling of the Privy Council, [...]

The ANR Robinson International Airport, Tobago – New Terminal Building & Associated Works

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has mandated the National Infrastructure and Development Company Limited (NIDCO to oversee and manage the development of a world class airport terminal [...]

Curepe Interchange

The Curepe Interchange is the current phase of the improvement projects being implemented as part of the larger East-West Corridor Expansion and Improvement Works Programme. This ongoing [...]

Toco Port

Valencia To Toco Roadway

La Brea Dry Docking Facility

To Be Updated.

Port Of Spain East – West Corridor Transportation Project (NTMS, Beetham Culverts and National Traffic Management System)

This project comprises a multi-faceted approach to improving the traffic flow along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. The components of the project include:- The Replacement of Beetham [...]

Critical Coastal Protection Programe

As a Small Island Developing State (SID), Trinidad and Tobago’s coastlines are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the impact of which is coastal erosion and inundation. [...]

Bridges Reconstruction Programme

The programme presently consists of sixty-two (62) bridges separated as follows: Phase 1 – 25 bridges, Phase 2 – 12 bridges and Phase 3 – 25 bridges. In 2018, seven (7) bridges [...]

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