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The programme presently consists of sixty-two (62) bridges separated as follows:

  • Phase 1 – 25 bridges,
  • Phase 2 – 12 bridges and
  • Phase 3 – 25 bridges.

In 2018, seven (7) bridges under Phase 1 were completed. Accordingly, twenty-two (22) out of twenty-five (25) bridges under this Phase are open to the public. Under Phase 2, the construction of twelve (12) bridges commenced in 2018 and four (4) has been completed to date.

NIDCO issued a tender for Design and Supervision Services for thirteen (13) of the Phase 3 bridges which is titled Package E and Package F. The procurement process for these packages is complete and NIDCO is currently awaiting Cabinet approval of funding. It is anticipated that once designs commence for Package E and Package F, the remaining bridges under Phase 3 will be tendered for Design and Supervision Services Consultants.

For 2019, the planned scope of works entails the following:

  • Completion construction of BRP Phase 1and 2 bridges.
  • Commence and complete design of Package E and Package F of the BRP Phase 3.
  • Commence design of the remaining BRP Phase 3 bridges.

The socio/economic benefits of this programme aims to modernise the country’s existing bridges in order to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety and convenience while using the roads and highways. Communities within the proximity of the reconstructed bridges will benefit from improved access, resulting in improved accessibility to community services and facilities in shorter times and less wear and tear on motor vehicles.

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