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This project entails construction of a new highway from the intersection of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway/ Cumuto Road to Manzanilla. Following the favourable ruling of the Privy Council, construction recommenced on Phase 1 (Package 1 A), of the project – A 2.5 km stretch that was previously awarded to Kall Co Ltd. More than 50 % of designs have been completed for the remaining packages of Phase 1 to Phase 3.

This project has been divided into ten (10) packages and include:

  • Package 1 A 300 m East of Cumuto Road
  • Package 1 B Starts at the end of Package 1 A and ends 1.5 km before the Eastern Main Road (EMR)
  • Package 2     Cumuto Road Crossing No. 2
  • Package 3     East of 1B to West Grande Overpass
  • Package 4     West Grande Overpass to EMR Crossing
  • Package 5     EMR Crossing to North Grande Interchange
  • Package 6     Ojoe Road Rehabilitation
  • Package 7     North Grande Interchange
  • Package 8     North Grande Interchange to 17 + 700
  • Package 9     17 + 700 to Guaico River Bridge
  • Package 10   Guaico River Bridge to Toco Main Road Interchange

The highway will be a four lane free-flow structure with the following benefits:

The construction of this highway will see over 3,600 new workers being integrated into the workforce. Contractors, skilled and unskilled labourers will all have equal access to jobs and employment opportunities. It will also increases the potential to create numerous types of jobs inclusive of masons, carpenters, drivers, vehicle operators, road builders, maintenance personnel etcetera;

A significant reduction in vehicle congestion in Sangre Grande and its surrounding areas;

An increase in property values and commerce in the area particularly in the vicinity of the route, as the access to land will become easier;

The Highway will ensure that in time of disaster, an adequate route will be available for bringing in relief and evacuating people out of east Trinidad;

The CRHEM project connects to the proposed highway to Toco from an interchange at Ojoe Road. The Highway to Toco creates a major link to the proposed Port at Toco which will facilitate an additional route between Trinidad and Tobago. All benefits generated through this route are indirectly attributable to the CRHEM Project.

An application to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC 5070/2017) for the establishment of Phase 1, Package 2 and Phase 3 of the Proposed Cumuto to Manzanilla Highway. The EMA has determined that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required.

As such, two rounds of public consultations will be scheduled to  present the following:


Presentation of the project, designs and details
Plans for conduct of the Environmental Impact Assessment
Obtain feedback from the community and stakeholders


Presentation of the project, designs and details
Results of the Environmental Impact Assessment

The Land Acquisition Process

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