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La Brea Dry Docking Facility will provide naval engineering services required by commercial shipping vessels. The facility will provide two (2) dry docks to accommodate the repair and inspections of Panamex vessels and will also provide other services required by commercial ships on a frequent basis.

In 2018, NIDCO and China Harbour Engineering Company entered into a preliminary agreement for the execution of the project. A Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) Application was made for the project and preliminary designs were completed. A detailed feasibility study is ongoing.

NIDCO intends to enter into a final Public-Private agreement with China Harbour Engineering Company for the project in 2019.EIA studies, detailed designs and surveys will also commence in 2019 upon execution of the agreement.

As part of the Government’s thrust for the diversification of the economy and putting the economy on a sustainable path for long term, the shipyard industry has substantial economic impact, both through its own activities and as an enabler of other industries. Benefits include an enabler for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, promoting local and industrial development by direct revenue from the new shipyard which will generate GDP foreign exchange earnings and indirect revenue due to the increase of ship traffic and service supplies.

As a result, there would be the creation of local jobs during the construction and operational period which will drive the economic development of La Brea and the South-Western peninsula. It is also anticipated that commercial facilities inclusive of hotels, restaurants and training centres relating to the shipping industry will be established in adjacent communities.

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