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In 2018, four (4) single and seven (7) double occupancy Vending Huts were constructed. Additionally, 1 public washroom east of the Lifeguard building, the Portable Tank Farm was installed, the High and Low voltage infrastructure was implemented along with access walkways and ramps. The installation of Wastewater Treatment Plant was 85% complete.

In 2019, NIDCO installed the Fresh water Fire Protection System. The old Wastewater Treatment Plant and affiliated infrastructure was decommissioned, and the new Wastewater Treatment Facility has been commissioned along with the updated sewer network.

The following works have been moved to UDeCOTT for completion: Western Washroom, Drainage Works on the western side of the beach, implementation of the Waste Disposal System, Demolition of existing vending structures on the beach and ancillary works such as signage and fencing.

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