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This project comprises a multi-faceted approach to improving the traffic flow along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. The components of the project include:-

The Replacement of Beetham Culverts Project comprised of the reconstruction of five (5) main culverts under the eastbound and westbound lanes of the Beetham Highway. The scope included the replacement of deteriorating old structures which would have compromised and impacted the roadway. In December 2018, Beetham Culverts No. 1 and No. 2 was successfully completed. These culverts were the last of the five (5) culverts to be reconstructed. Another objective achieved was improved drainage in the area.

The National Traffic Management System (NTMS) Project entailed the installation of field equipment (cameras and intelligent traffic control systems) to manage and monitor traffic along the East-West Corridor. The Red Light Enforcement System and the Spot Speed System has been installed. The Spot Speed System for which eight sites would be developed to capture speed violations by motorists along the highway, has also commenced. So far, three Spot Speed installations have been completed.

These sites are:

  • El Socorro,
  • Beaulieu,
  • Trincity, and
  • Endeavour,
  • Chaguanas.

The scheduled scope of works for 2019, there would be the installation of spot speed equipment at the following sites:

  • South of Caroni River Bridge,
  • Freeport Interchange,
  • Chase Village,
  • Carlsen Field,
  • South of Macaulay Bridge,
  • Gasparillo.

The socio/economic benefits to be derived from this project are multi-fold. They include the reduction in congestion along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway through the removal of the existing Churchill Roosevelt Highway /Uriah Butler Highway El Socorro/Churchill Roosevelt Highway and Aranguez/Churchill Roosevelt Highway signalized intersections.

Other benefits are the reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions which consequently reduces pollution due to curtailed idle times at intersections and traffic. The reduction in travel time would be an added benefit and ultimately provide savings in vehicle operation costs. There would also be improved access to and from adjacent communities with improved pedestrian accessibility and safety.

With the introduction of the Spot Speed Enforcement System (SSE) there would be a marked reduction in accidents associated with speed which is one of the major causes of accidents on the nation’s roadway.

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