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The project entails the construction of a first class road from Valencia to Toco. The project, together with construction of a Toco Port, will provide a faster alternative sea route between Tobago and East Trinidad and open up the entire northeast region of Trinidad to new industrial, residential and commercial development. The project also will complement the thrust of the Ministry of Works and Transport regarding its mandate to provide adequate highway capacity and safer travel for the public on the most suitable route/alignment based on sound engineering analysis.

In 2018, The conceptual designs were completed. The preparation of Final Designs and Tender Documents are ongoing and are about 25 % complete. The collection of environmental data for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has commenced.

The current transportation infrastructure within this region serves to isolate Toco and its surrounding communities from the rest of the region, and the rest of the country. Improving access to Toco, and by extension its surrounding communities, can aid in bringing the vision of economic development to fruition which consequently brings a return of national investment. The project will aid in the thrust of the Government towards diversification of the economy.

The completion of Final Designs, Tender Documents and Environmental Studies are on-going. As part of the application  made to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC ) for the construction of the Valencia to Toco Roadway, an Introductory Public Meetings were held on Wednesday 24th July 2019 at the Northeastern Community Centre, Sange Grande and Thursday 25th July 2019 at the Toco Regional Complex.

VTTR – Second Public Meeting Presentation

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